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What type of application does your business need?

It has happened to us many times that our future clients contact us to help them with the development of a website, but after the first reconnaissance meeting and brief analysis of the scope, what they really need, for the core of their business, is a mobile application. or something different from what they thought with the initial idea.

Obviously, the perspective of our clients grows according to the needs of their clients, but focusing on the development of software according to the technology that is going to be used implies certain types of profiles, since working on a website is not the same as working on a mobile application. , neither one for Android than for iOS and much less the complete package, and all this influences the final price.

In this context, we want to help you recognize what type of software or applications (mobile or fixed) could be more adapted to the type of business you want to start in order to take advantage of all the potential based on your needs and those of your target audience:

Web application (responsive): Perhaps the best thing about having a responsive website is its flexibility to adapt to all types of mobile formats, which makes it easier to reach your entire target audience, since currently the vast majority of people have a smartphone. In the same way, it also adapts to tablets and lastly, although this last format is not in high demand, to smart TVs. This format could well help you for an informative website, a news portal or an e-commerce, and the latter would be ideal due to its scope.

Native applications: They are developed in their own environments for Android or iOS, which makes it difficult or impossible for the code of one to be used in that of another, something that increases the price of development since an application would have to be made for each environment or operating system. Clearly, the time for building the software is also increased.

Hybrid applications: Due to its versatility at the time of development since the same code can be used for both operating systems (Android and iOS), it mainly allows you to save time and money without sacrificing quality, security and experience, something that you can well see in the applications that use Nike, Facebook, Amazon among other large companies that work with this type of applications.

So is one app better than the other? Which one can you use for your business? Well, that will depend a lot on the needs you have based on time, budget, business model and your target audience, whether you want to reach many segments, a responsive one could help you, or you want software for internal development that is only for Android, you can choose a native one.

The decision is a constant analysis and at Evolbit we offer you our best disposition to help you take the most optimal path, therefore, if you want to delve a little deeper, you can visit our Hybrid or Native publication. Which way to take? where we share more details about these two software options.

We recommend reading the Customer Guide to Developing a Mobile App so you can learn about the process of creating an app.

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Last modified: February 9, 2022