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Having a website is one of the first actions that every entrepreneur looks for when launching their digital business. Although there are other dissemination channels, starting with a web project plan is essential to grow in the long term. Whether to create a new page or simply to update one that is perhaps beginning to be obsolete, it is important that you have the basic notions when taking the step towards a seo-friendly site and that it is also manageable in terms of design. In this sense, you will need to have the support of professionals in different areas, which will allow you to achieve optimal positioning.

Recommendations for SEO:

1. Determine the Buyer Persona: To begin an SEO positioning strategy, the first thing is to define the type of audience you want to target; then, determine the most appropriate content and the way in which you will orient the communications, whether the language will be formal or more colloquial and whether it will be in the first, second or third person.

2. Perform a competitor analysis: It will allow you to know how other brands are positioned, determine how they get traffic to their page, as well as review their link profile, rescue ideas and optimize them.

3. Having backlinks: This helps to improve the evaluation of the indicators, since the fact that a user reaches our site through an external link as a recommendation is positively valued by Google.

4. Create content closely related to the search intent: It helps to decrease the bounce rate, as well as increase the average time per visit. It also indicates that the user is having a positive browsing experience that meets their expectations.

5. Adapt the design and texts to mobile browsing: Responsive web design and good copy help improve the click rate on the page, and it is also recommended to apply persuasive writing techniques.

Our web application development service covers all the necessary elements for a successful solution. We use the latest web technologies that will help you reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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Last modified: August 12, 2022