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Remote work in software development: Pros & Cons

Almost 2 years have passed since we learned about COVID19 and it led us to an enduring and almost endless quarantine, as well as to take drastic health measures and rethink fundamental aspects personally, as a society and of course, in the workplace, abruptly reinventing the how we work.

Currently, many still work from home until pre-pandemic normality returns, but is remote work ideal for all areas? Clearly not, for a button the real estate sector cannot afford this possibility, and for this reason it was one of the most affected.

Now, in a company that develops software, what is remote work like? There are several studies that identify it as an ally for the technology sector, such as the study carried out by the World Economic Forum that shows the increase in the demand for new technological jobs in the next five years, which will obviously mean the increase of professionals in that sector.

Source: World Economic Forum

For its part, Linkedin also published a study carried out in 15 countries where the rapid growth of different jobs stands out in all of them and the technology sector is one of the most demanded, something that could make remote work take hold without this leading to a reduction in productivity, as indicated by the Great Place To Work portal in the following table, which shows an increase with this modality:

Source: Great Place To Work

However, from Evolbit’s perspective, constant learning has been fascinating and has made it possible to pleasantly strengthen the work environment, giving reason to the productivity study, but above all, the great value obtained is based on team management and the construction of a work dynamics where trust, responsibility and organization prevail as great pillars of our home office.

In that sense, we want to share some pros and cons of remote work for a company that develops software that could well be shared with other items:


  • Flexible schedules: There is nothing better than having your own workflow, therefore, knowing how to plan your schedule is essential, even more so if you have to share space with your family members.
  • Do not work from a fixed place: The tool of a programmer is his computer and currently there is no one who does not have a laptop, in addition to good internet, of course. In such a context, any place is appropriate, as long as it feels comfortable and reconciles meetings, progress or deliveries.
  • Minimum displacement: Mobility to go to work is a major issue, especially for people who spent hours on the way, something that is not necessary now.
  • More family time: Perhaps this is the best advantage and above all, for people who have small children, being able to enjoy and see how your children grow is priceless.
  • Greater productivity: As the study indicates, productivity is increased with remote work, of course there is a planning process to achieve optimal results.
  • Synchrony: One of the capabilities of the programmer is the tireless search to solve any inconvenience that arises during development, in view of this, seeking synchrony during development is essential for the correct progress of the project.


  • Deconcentration: The lack of discipline and focus leads to labor deconcentration, but if we add to this that we work remotely in a noisy environment, for example, it could increase.
  • Mixing family and work life: It is inevitable not to remember Professor Robert Kelly and his little daughter opening the office door to hug him during an interview with the BBC, then their youngest son entered the walker and immediately his wife trying to get them out of the room… Although spending more time with the family is one of the best things that remote work brings, it has its implications.
  • Less control or supervision: Although we know that there are different collaborative work tools, there are also tools to monitor daily tasks; however, the idea is to have that human group capable of developing responsibly during working hours.
  • Socialize among colleagues: It is clearly not the same to talk in virtual meetings as to interact directly in an office, the construction of working relationships can lead to an enduring friendship.
  • Isolation and demotivation at work: Not all of us share the same contexts, and as interaction with co-workers decreases, isolation creeps in to envelop collaborating until it leads, in some cases, to demotivation or depression, which will lead to a progressive disconnection with their work, but above all and, most worryingly, the deterioration of their health, which is why it is important to map these aspects and maintain a cohesive team.

Whether in the office or working remotely, a programmer has the necessary qualities and tools to adapt to any scenario, but above all, feeling part of a great team that dilutes the Cons and enhances the Pros will allow them to give their best, get involved and spare no effort to achieve your goal.

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Last modified: February 9, 2022