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Django and Flask are the most popular frameworks among developers. Both are free, open source Python-based frameworks designed for building web applications. When choosing the framework that will work best for your project, you need to consider certain features.


It offers useful tools and functions to facilitate the creation of web applications. Among other standard features, it allows you to add plugins or libraries to an extension; Likewise, it is known as microstructure, since it is light and only provides essential components.

Advantages and disadvantages:


  • Easy to understand
  • Good testing tools
  • Flexible


  • Does not support asynchrony
  • Lack of capabilities


Django is a highly demanded open source framework that has gained immense popularity among Python application developers. Actually, it can be called a code library with templates for secure and maintainable applications. Django has stable ways of working with some modules, which are chosen when they are needed, which saves time and effort, getting solutions on the spot.

Also, Django has a large community worldwide, applications like Facebook and Pinterest use it successfully; In addition, its help documentation is clearly written and perfectly structured.

Advantages and disadvantages:


  • Optimization of time in each stage of development
  • Efficiently handle a large amount of traffic
  • Protects against errors and increases application security


  • You must own the entire system for it to work.
  • Use a URL routing pattern
  • You have implemented all the components together.

Both frameworks are suitable for rapid web app development, but Django is more complicated and Flask needs a steep learning curve. With Flask, you can start with some necessary programming skills because it provides the most flexibility in terms of customization. If you need to choose between Flask and Django, the main thing to remember is that they are not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Which to choose?

Choose Django yes:

  • You have been writing in Python for more than three years.
  • Your site will have predominantly dynamic HTML pages.
  • You are using a SQL database.

Choose Flask yes:

  • You will have an API.
  • It will use a service-oriented architecture (SOA).
  • Its web applications are based on NoSQL.

If you need to choose between Python Flask vs Django , you have to start with your goals. Django is an ideal framework for startups and large companies. You get all the tools you need and you can get what you want fast.

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Last modified: February 9, 2022